Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Avéne, France: Week One.

Day Two 11 August 2014

We saw the dermatologist, Diana, today. She set a personalised program for Nirvana. The dermatologist works with each individual, and creates programs specific for each person’s needs depending on their skin condition. Improvement is monitored during the stay and a report will be given to each patient at the end of the 3 weeks.

We were introduced to all the treatments that Nirvana is going to experience over the next 3 weeks. Each day she will have 2 hours of treatments, followed up by water massages, showers and sprays. She also needs to drink 1.5 litres of Avéne Healing Water every day. We were also given a pack of Avéne products like Face and body cream, hydrating cream, water spray, cleaning gels and repairing cream. All of which we need to use twice a day.

Day Three 12 August 2014

We started our scheduled treatment today. The treatment started with a spa bath for 20 minutes. Nirvana had a ball, she is a real water baby. The bath is a deep tub, filled with the Thermal Spring Water and strong jets create the bubbles that gently massage Nirvana’s little body.

The spa bath was followed by a shower spray. This is a shower unit with in-built jets that spray water in all directions. This goes on for 10 minutes.

Next treatment was with the physiotherapist. He massaged Nirvana’s skin with the water. The water sprays down from small showers above the massage table. Finally, Diana (the Dermatologist) sprayed high pressure water over Nirvana from a distance. All of this is done to hydrate the skin with the thermal healing water.

Beautiful Avène

Day One 10 August 2014

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Avéne. We rested after a long journey of 24 hours. We went strolling around the Avéne parks, along the rivers and through the beautiful trees. This place is paradise surrounded by forests and mountains, bicycle trails and people walking and enjoying nature to its fullest.

A beautiful forest trail - a much needed adventure after all those hours of travelling.

Pure spring water.

Nirvana just loves it here!

Scenic natural trails.