Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Now we have been home for 6 days.

We have been back home for 6 days now, and this is just an update on Nirvana's skin.

We landed in a very dry Durban climate on Thursday night after travelling in the plane for 11 hours. Nirvana's skin immediately started reacting and had a flare up! By Friday night I was in tears over her skin breaking out and she was scratching so much.

I messaged my friend April (who I had met in Avene, her son Aidan has been using Avene products for over a year now) and I asked for her advice. She told me it was normal, and that Aidan had a flare up too when he got home. She advised me to continue with the creams as we were taught in the Avene healing workshop:

- Do a tissue compress, which is a layer of tissues sprayed with the Avene thermal water over the eczema region and leave for 10 minutes. It hydrates the region quickly and promotes healing.
- Then afterwards, use the Cicalfate repair skin cream.
- Continue to use the Trixera daily cream twice a day to maintain hydration of the skin.

So I have done this since Friday, and to my great joy Nirvana's skin is looking as good as it did the day I left Avene... Wonderful!! Happy Nirvana and happy mom :)