The Miracle of Avéne.

How did the Avéne Thermal Baths come to specialize in dermatology?

It all began around the Age of Enlightenment, in around 1736 A.D. According to popular history, a local nobleman, the Marquis of Rocozels, had a horse with a skin condition. After drinking and rolling in the water from the nearby spring every day, the horse was completely cured. It had such an effect that it was known as the miracle of Avéne.

How did the Avéne water become so renowned?

It was known locally at first, as doctors and the first patients reported its properties. Soon a hydrotherapy establishment was set up, and the first Thermal Spring bath was built in 1743. The reputation of Avéne Thermal Spring Water quickly reached Montpellier, and then Paris as dermatology experts confirmed its efficacy and recommended its use to their patients.