Useful Links

In order to shed some light on eczema, and the treatment thereof, I have made a little list of other websites/pages to have a look at. It might be a platform through which we can all learn more about eczema, and expand on the knowledge we currently have.

ITSAN ( International Topical Steroid Awareness Network)


This Facebook page sheds more light on topical steroids in the treatment of eczema. This page shares videos, people's personal journeys with eczema, new information on topical steroids, and also serves as a platform through which people can share their thoughts, opinions and much more. It's a great tool for deciding which products to use, or not to use.      

Aidan's Scratch Pad


This page follows the story of Aidan, a young boy suffering from eczema.
Aidan is currently here in Avene with us. This is his second visit here, and their life has changed so much. He's really been through a lot with his eczema, but since his treatments in Avène, he's been much more lively, and his quality of life has improved enormously! Follow his amazing journey- he  may be an inspiration to many more sufferers out there.

Aidan's Story by his mother April:

When Aidan was born he was in NICU for four days. A week after I brought him home I noticed he had cradle cap really bad and it was spreading to his forehead. His face felt all bumpy and he really never felt soft like a baby should. He was my third and he was completely different from my other two. After about four months he developed hives all over his body. Huge welts from head to two, I figured out it was from the mixed cereal I put into his bottle. I took him to his pediatrician and they told me he was allergic to wheat and to keep him away. They also prescribed Elidel for his eczema that he had on his feet and hands. I used it minimally because I read the side effects and you aren't even supposed to use that until at least two years old. His eczema continued to get worse and they would prescribe me even stronger steroids like Desonide, mometasone, clobetosol, fluocinolone, fluocinidine, protopic and desoximetasone. Of course these weren't all prescribed while he was an infant but he has had to use all them topically since birth until May of 2013. They all worked a little while and then it would stop and they had to bump it up to the next strongest one. Through the years we saw a homeopathic doctor who really didn't help at all and we also saw a kinesiologist, he took our money and didn't help Aidan at all. He's been to see an immunologist and was tested for Jobs syndrome which is a degenerate gene or chromosome because his IGE levels were above the charts and he had a couple of other symptoms as well. The worry some part of this condition is that it has a history of being fatal. We have tried immune suppressants, he was on Neoral (cyclosporine) for over two years. It helped in the beginning but again he went right back to where he was. I changed dermatologists when he was 8, not because I didn't like her but because I just wanted a second opinion to see if there were other options. He took him off of Neoral and put him on a stronger immune suppressant, Azathiaprine. This DIDN'T help at all!! He started to deteriorate before my eyes. He was losing his hair, he was still very dry and trying to keep him from infection was impossible. His skin was so dry and thin that it was cracking at the joints. He couldn't walk and would need my husband and I to carry him all over the house. When he was in the 2nd grade he was so sick that he collapsed in the hallway because he was in so much pain. The nurse brought him a wheelchair and that was the last day he was in school. I had to rush him to the hospital because he had developed a severe staph infection, MRSA. After the hospital we tried light therapy three times a week. It didn't help and it seemed to burn his skin. I couldn't bare to watch him suffer anymore I didn't know what else to do. He was now 9 years old and had been hospitalized 6 times and he was slowly fading before my eyes. I had done everything possible including changing his diet, homeopathic oils, organic cleaning products, and some things too crazy to say. I had to change his sheets and wash his towels daily in hot hot water and double rinse them. I cleaned his room constantly, we even ripped all the carpet out of the house and put wood floors and that still didn't work. I thought I had exhausted all my avenues until Avene France came up. I figured nothing else worked so I might as well try this. This was a God send and was the ONLY thing that worked for Aidan. I'm not saying that it will work for everyone but a lot of kids have been helped, not cured but helped. While at Avene his treatments consisted of daily jacuzzi baths, shower sprays and mists. Under water massages, wet wraps and facials all to include the water and creams that also have the water in them. I have been using the Avene products since June of 2013 and he has been infection free since July 2013.  Aidan is so full of life now it's unbelievable. This hasn't cured him as you know there really isn't a "cure" for eczema. But it has improved his quality of life and we are looking forward to the future whereas last year we feared it.