Our Host - Martine Butault from Pierre Fabre

Meet Martine, our host in Avéne

Nirvana, Martine and Alisha in the little village of Avéne.
The first person to welcome us at the Montpelier airport was Martine Butault. This wonderful warm loving lady has treated us like royality.

She has worked for Pierre Fabre for over 30 years and is the head of PR. Her French acsent is gorgeous and she explains everything to us in such detail. The kids absolutely adore her. She has lunch and supper with us every day and tells us amazing stories of her experiences with this amazing company who heals thousands of people from around the world.

Martine walking with the kids to the little town of Avéne

Yesterday (11th August 2014), Martine took us for a walk to the little town of Avéne. Not only does she take care of us regarding our treatments, accommodation and food, but is also our entertainment. She spoils us so much. Thank you Martine!

The people from the small town of Avéne were so friendly even though we don't understand what they're saying. Their faces are full of smile smiles and they were very welcoming. Luckily we had Martine to interpret for us.

So far we have experienced friendly people from all over Avéne; from the accommodation, restaurants and the Hydrotherapy Centre. They all speak English, or try their best to speak English, they all have smiles and they have all been helpful.