Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Water Condition for Skin problems

About two weeks ago I received a water report from the KZN municipality, and had it analysed by an expert at H20 water purifiers. To our delight, our water condition is excellent! The only problem is that chlorine is not really great for people suffering with skin problems... So I have installed water purifiers in our home to alleviate irritation on Nirvana's skin. We placed one on our kitchen tap for drinking and we also installed one on her shower. 


We want the chlorine in our water to kill all the bacteria and germs right up to the point where it comes out of the tap. We need a filter at that point to take the chlorine out so that we don't drink it, or have it irritating our skin.

We are really trying to do every possible thing we can to decrease Nirvana's suffering, so we are looking at anything and everything that might be bad for her skin.

I hope that people who have eczema problems, and read this blog, can take some of these tips and apply it to their own situations. Hopefully it helps! :)